The NSW Ministry of Health required an application to enable local health planners to undertake rigorous clinical services planning in order to allocate billions of dollars of capital health expenditure every year.

PAG mathematically interrogated the Ministry's underlying data set and developed a set of algorithms to support health activity planning and analysis.

The application allows planners to:

  • Model the impact of new hospitals and wards, and changes in healthcare demand
  • Analyse the relationship between different healthcare streams
  • Model future demand for various health services by changing key variables and undergoing scenario analysis
  • Upload new datasets automatically and in real-time

The software has streamlined the business case development process and is successfully used by over 100 Ministry staff and health planners.

The highly complex nature of the Ministry of Health's available datasets are now comprehensible and accessible; and give health planners and executives the ability to make educated healthcare investment and expenditure decisions and continue to deliver positive outcomes for the state's public health system.