Our client receives all emergency calls across the state. They needed assistance in forecasting the number of calls it would receive in the future to assist with budgeting and resource allocation.

PAG developed an econometric model of the calls the client was likely to receive over the short to medium term. In addition to historical call data and call metadata, the model takes in to Demographic changes, such as population growth; Socio-economic conditions such as GDP, unemployment rates, and interest rates; and Environmental factors. .The model was embedded in a bespoke software application which updates in real time as new data becomes available. Through the application users can also generate reports and undertake scenario analysis.

Through the model and software, the organisation saved close to $10m in workforce scheduling efficiencies in the first year alone. Additionally, they successfully pitched for additional government funding of approximately $30m per year since 2014 using the outputs of the model as an evidence base of information.